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05 Apr, 2024
Posted by Joseph Flowers
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Seasonal Electrical Maintenance Checklist and What You Can Expect

Power outages in the Denver area occur quite often. The causes range from high winds coming over the mountains to intense snowstorms and blizzards. Rather than just live with this problem looming every season, you can conduct a maintenance checklist to help prevent any outages and keep your power on all year.

Check All the Wiring in Your Home

Pests like mice like to chew on wiring for the plastic coatings. You may not even know it until the power goes out that some wires have been chewed through completely. Other pests may also cause problems with the electrical wiring in your home. Have all the wiring checked once a season to ensure that there are no problems. If you don’t want to check once a season, at least check in the late fall or early winter when electricity is critical for your home.

Install a Backup Generator

One of the best moves you can make this year is to install a backup generator. It can provide power to your home even when everyone else around you are in the dark. If you already have a backup generator, make sure it is in excellent working order so that you know it will work when you need it.

If You Use Electricity to Heat and Cool…

If you use electricity to heat and/or cool your home, check the wiring and switches for your furnace and air conditioning systems. Make sure everything is going to work as expected. Replace anything that looks suspect and ask your electrician or electrical contractor to make note of anything that might break soon. Check fuses if there are additional fuses involved to run these appliances. 

Solar Power Users?

Solar power users need to run their own electrical checks. The sources of your electrical power are different from others on the grid, but you still have to perform seasonal maintenance. Check panels and photovoltaic converters before bad weather hits.